About Us

We are a family that has its roots in tradition, we are young but we have chosen to love the land that is hosting us and for the love of a lifestyle that we really belongs to the farmers, then we chose to offer hospitality in a way that most close to us, in a simple and friendly with a smile and our nature all around, because if we look back in time the traveler has always had to find comfort and rest in the homes of peasants.
Our farm is in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, in the Maremma Natural Park, the Park of Maremma. We wait and we hope you will become, as so many others, at home here.


MonteCorno Farm offers rooms and apartments, all recently built, comfortable and treated in detail, all furnished in Tuscan style, are all at the garden level and have access to a private porch with table and chairs where you can spend moments of relaxation after the sea or a trip around or after bathing in piscina.Ogni room has its own bathroom and each apartment has a kitchen


Our kitchen is a country cuisine with a short chain, we use the products of our farm and products of local farms, the pasta is strictly home-made or produced in the local pasta.
Natasha offers our guests their long experience in the restaurant serves simple and authentic with top quality ingredients.
The daily menu is the limited number of places to continue to keep alive the friendly aspect of being at the table is typical of rural life.


Always followed by the family Bettiol the farm is mainly engaged in milk production and breeding of Italian Friesian cows, the land is cultivated as fodder for farm animals, not missing a vineyard Sangiovese from which we produce IGT Maremma and olive grove just that every year gives us the Tuscan DOP olive oil.
Do not miss some of the vegetable garden from which we all need vegetables to our food and farm animals, rabbits, chickens hens and ducks.


From our passion comes the desire to give life to a herd of horses.
breeds that we breed are mainly Italian Saddle Horse and Maremmano.
We carefully select our dams because it is our intention to produce quality horses.